The Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Bam Dates

October 6, 2021 , Mazafati Dates

Many of the spices from India have found their way into other countries and one such good example is BAM dates. BAM DATES is a term that is commonly used in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The state of Rajasthan is best known for its rich fertile plains and it is from here that BAM dates were first introduced. The dates themselves come from two locations – Mizoram in Maharashtra Andinar Jodhpur in Andhra Pradesh.

The sweet, dark brown color of these dates is what makes them popular in Indian cuisine. The name BAM comes from two places and is pronounced BAM – as in masala. They are known as the “dark brown” ones in India. Kalute and Mazafati dates are probably the other major varieties of dates from India.

It’s interesting to note here that the kaute dates aren’t actually any older than the Bam dates. The state of Mizoram in India is where the two main varieties of dates come from. The Bam dates are farmed specifically for harvesting and they are harvested by hand. They get dried out so much that their texture gets changed. They lose their brown color but retain their crunchy texture. The reason for this is that they are harvested using very small and tightly spaced hand tools, which causes them to lose much of their moisture.

The dates from India have a delicious taste and are widely used for preparing mouth-watering dishes. These dumplings or pakoras are popularly known as Mumbai or Mumbaikars. These mouth watering dumplings are not only a source of great amusement for street vendors but also for making rich men rich.

These tamales are made from a variety of dates such as: marena, arabica, semolina, bahara and indigeon ka fetch. A special day in the life of every girl is Rakshabandhan or Thaad – the festival of colors. Once the girls move out of the home, all the household have to give them sweets like kheer, mokhi and khichuri. All these sweets are prepared using the Iranian delicious dates from the famous region of Bam city.

If you want to cook delicious and mouth watering traditional Indian food using authentic Irani ingredients then you must try to prepare the delicious Iranian cuisine using the Iranian Bam dates from the famous region of bam city. This is one of the famous snacks of Iran. The best part about the dates is that they are available at a really cheap price even online. The Iranian traders offer Bam dates at a really low price Sayer and they have a very large choice of the type of dates which you can order.

The texture of the Iranian Bam dates differs according to the quality. The better quality dates will have a soft intense golden colour while the poorly quality dates will be dark brown or even black in colour. The texture can be described as having the feel of honey as it melts in your mouth and has a very unique, rich taste. The amazing health benefits of eating these dates is that they are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.

The Iranian Bam dates are considered to be of very high quality and the best sellers are the freshly picked dates from the Bam city. The fresh Bam dates have a rich golden colour which slowly changes its golden colour when it is dried. The sellers of this product say that they get their raw material directly from the government of Iran which guarantees quality. In my opinion the Iranian Mazafati fresh dates are one of the best dates available in the world today.