Find Suppliers of Mazafati Dates


The word “date fruits” is often associated with “health and wealth.” If you are in sound health, you are the gainer of a sound mind. The sound-minded people bring abundance. Growing with abundance is preceded by consuming dates fruits. Additionally, you are never away from happiness. There are several date species; and every date carries special health benefits. Mazafati Dates care about your health more than the others.


Mazafati Date, which is also recognized as Kimia Date, is the well-known Iranian Date. It is also famous as Mazafati Rotab. Before it gets matured, it is named as Mazafati Rotab. Thus, its so-called name is Rotab Mazafati Bam.    Mazafati date is extensively consumed in the world because of its flavor and right price.  Though, the dates are cultivated only in Iran, it is consumed across the world.


Mazafati dates are soft, dark, fleshy, sweet, and juicy. They are a medium-sized date, naturally round and about 2.5-4.5cm in diameter, and have a fairly-high moisture content of 32-35%. They are mostly taken as fresh dates.


Iranian Mazafati Dates are perhaps the most notable and uncommon sorts of date natural product which are regularly utilized as Rotab (new) and are generally created in Bam city. This kind of date fruit is not used as nuts because of having extreme moisture. It can be regarded as the most delightful variety of date fruits throughout the world.

Producing areas

The most delicious type of Mazafati is grown in the Southern part of Iran in the town of Bam which has about 28000 Hectares lands below the reaping of Mazafati date out of which 5000 Hectares relate to a fresher palm tree, and 120,000 loads of the date fruit is reaped every year. Name of the cities in Iran that have the suitable condition for planting dates are Kahnuj, Jiroft, Kerman jurisdiction, Iranshahr and Saravan. Sistan and Baluchestan province produces a huge number of dates.



Mazafati, complete with health benefits, are loaded with energy and rich in vitamin A, B, phosphorus, iron, and potassium.

Additionally, Mazafati date is full of fiber which helps people suffering from constipation and acidity. Low in fats and cholesterol-free, these dates are super energy boosters for their natural sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose. These are just superb for fitness for all and are perfect nutrition for the improvement of muscle strength.


Packing and exporting

Mazafati dates exporter and supplier throughout Iran, and in other countries, offer high-quality products served with good packaging. Generally, every exporter and supplier follows a different packaging system but mostly the reputed companies put 600 – 700 g: 12 in a single big box that weighs 7-8 kg.


The suppliers buy dry fruits like Mazafati date directly from farms and then start the packing procedure. In the next step, the quality and quantity are checked by experts so that Mazafati dates exporter can assure the customers about the products.