A Better Diet

October 18, 2022 , Date Fruits

Beef Jerky – This is one of my favs. When I was in any office I reached a point where my body would actually tell me what time that it was. 10:30 am. My body would suddenly tell me it was hungry and that it was “Beef Jerky o’clock”.

But I’m now trying to fight this habit and go with fresh fruits. It has helped me a lot. I have made a substitute for candy, chocolates and refined pastries carry: Dates Fruits.

Dates fruits help to fight illnesses like diabetes and heart infection.

Aim to eat one raw meal each day. Breakfast usually works best. Sweet succulent fruit in your digestive system is a good way to start a day. Eat as almost as much as you like. If mid-morning you desire to tuck into a box of dates, just do it.

Some raw foods have in particular sighted as best in working with some conditions in demands at least. For example, eating raw almonds can lower cholesterol while raw honey helpful at improving an athlete’s performance. Carrots juice and dates are good in taming that sugar cravings.