Finding a Date Fruit Exporter

November 3, 2021 , Date Fruits


With every year that passes, we see more exotic fruits being introduced to the market. With such an increased demand, it has become harder for local farmers to earn a living, let alone survive in this kind of economy where prices of locally grown produce are skyrocketing because of global demand. If you want to introduce exotic fruits in your local market without breaking the bank, then the one thing you should do is find dates from the dessert of Southeast Asia.

Finding the right date fruit exporter is crucial if you want your product to reach the customers you’ve targeted for it. First, you should take into consideration the different growing seasons for each area. Southeast Asia, for example, has several dry seasons, from February to May. This is also the ideal time for cultivating Barhi dates fruit, but Southeast Asian countries have banned the import of all dates fruit to other regions of the world, except for Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea due to 1960’s agricultural disaster.

So, if you are planning to sell Barhi dates locally, you won’t have any problem getting them. However, if you are going to export them internationally, you will have to find local dates exporters. Unfortunately, Southeast Asian countries do not ship their produce across the globe. If you want to have a long-lasting relationship with your customer base, you need to build a good business relationship with your local suppliers. And if you’re exporting fruits like dates to the U.S., then you need to find a dependable exporter who can deliver quality fruits at reasonable prices. Here are some ways on how to choose a reliable local supplier for dates fruit exporters:

You can start searching for reliable date fruit exporters using your local directory listings. Look for exporters that provide free delivery nationwide, and who are members of the National Date Fruits Exporters Association (NDFA). The NDCFA guarantees the fair treatment of its members, and sets high standards for date fruits. Check for the expiration date of exporter’s warehouse facility, good reputation of date fruits producer, and customer testimonials.

Contact various exporters to ask them about the cost of shipping Iranian dates to the U.S. Most foreign buyers have minimum orders for date grains or dates fruit exporters, but not all. If your requirements overlap with the exporter’s minimum order, then you may have to negotiate for a price. Sometimes it’s better to bargain with the seller to get a price that’s lower than the minimum. However, make sure to have a reliable, verifiable source of information about the seller’s credibility and dependability.

United States exporters of dates and other fruit exporters have a list of suppliers that ship directly to the United States. You can contact these suppliers for more information. They might be able to offer you discounts on bulk dates or Iranian rugs to ship to the US.

A good, reliable, verified international supplier of dates fruit exporters is your best bet. A good supplier would provide you with a large variety of dates from different places in the world. The best suppliers never had a supply problem, so you don’t have to worry about ordering too much or too few dates. They would have an easily downloadable inventory of the type and region where you need dates, and would have enough of them to meet your demand. An authentic international supplier would be able to give you price quotes on quantities in various quantities, depending on the quantity that you need.

The internet is a great place to look for date exporters. There are many different types of dates available from many different places around the world. Some places are better than others, so it’s a good idea to check out all the dates available. Some places are better known for their oranges, lemons, limes or other fruits, so there are more fruits from those places that are available on the internet. However, there are many places that are well known for their dates such as Australia, South Africa, Egypt, India, China, Thailand and the United States. All you have to do is check the list of dates available online and find the one that is best suited for you.