Buying Fresh Fruits And Vegetables From A Local Dates Factory

October 6, 2021 , Mazafati Dates

The Mazafati dates fruit trees are located on the slopes of the Nilgiri Mountains in Assam, India. The fruits of these trees have been used for centuries by the aborigines of the region for the production of dried fruits, tea, juices and medicines. It is only in the last century that the Mazafati date fruit industry has started flourishing. These trees are very tough and hardy and can be cultivated in most areas. These hardy trees produce large quantities of dates fruit and also have a great capacity to yield a good quantity of cash.

Mazafati dates fruit trees have a very good climatic condition and this helps them to grow quickly and bear fruits without too much stress. They can be easily maintained using organic methods. The roots of these trees can be dug up and pruned to keep them growing healthily. The best time to harvest the dates fruit is from March to June. During summers the trees can be trained to bear fruiting fruits on account of their ability to tolerate extreme heat and cold conditions.

In order to obtain the most out of the season, the Mazafati local dates farmers have to carefully pick the fruits during the peak seasons. This is when they are at their finest and the flavor is most appealing to consumers. They can be easily stored either in airtight containers or loose bags. The factory that sells them also has various methods of preserving them. They use fresh fruits and juice and sugar combination to age the products for a few more months.


The Mazafati dates fruit is an excellent source of income for the local people as it is a seasonal product and the prices shoots up during the peak seasons. The prices are quite high due to the large amount of labor that is put into making them but this also makes them very competitive prices. The best way to get fresh fruits like these is to go to the local dates fruit or vegetable farm and pick your own fruits. The farmers are very cooperative and will help you to select what you want. However, they are not always willing to give you advice on which date fruit you should pick.

The prices can vary considerably depending on whether you are buying fruits or vegetables. You should however remember that the cheaper the produce the less healthy it is. The more expensive dates tend to be healthier and tastier. Therefore, the higher priced Mazafati dates are generally more healthy and much better for you than their lower priced counterparts. It is recommended that you go for the more expensive dates because you can be sure that the fruits that you purchase are of top quality.

If you decide to buy fresh fruits or vegetables from a local dates farmer, then they will usually deliver them to your house fresh and ready to use. You can immediately apply them on your salads, or you can have a snack before you go to bed. Alternatively you can wrap them in a flatbread and consume them that way. Alternatively if you have already used a Mazafati dates recipe and want to know how to store them, then the simple answer would be to wrap them in a cling wrap and keep them in the fridge until you are ready to use them.